Mondays can be challenging. As the first day back to work, it requires us to leave behind our relaxing weekends and jump back into the grind. Making matters worse, we have to reestablish routines that got interrupted by the relative serenity of Saturday and Sunday. No wonder some studies find Monday to be the second least productive day of the work week, after Friday.

Legal holidays present similar challenges. With a few right around the corner, it would be wise for us to review some ways to jump back into work feet first and get more done.

Since R+R is often associated with a weekend’s gift of “rest and relaxation,” let’s use R+S to connote Monday’s “return and success.”

Here are some “R+ S” tips to rebuild your routine and start getting things done.

Rest – Make sue to come back rested and recharged. Not always so easy following holidays or vacations.

Review – Take time to review where you were before leaving and how to get back to that spot.

Reflect – Think about the benefits of quickly resuming your routine, such as getting into a workflow.

Start right – Eat a healthy breakfast. Meditate/pray. Do some exercise. Prime your body and mind for the day ahead.

Set goals – Goal setting helps to refocus us and prioritize effectively. It’s not about sitting down and getting to work as much as getting the right work done first.

Schedule – Map out what your week should look like and get things scheduled. Then, block out interruptions so you can start to build momentum.

Small stuff should stay small – The temptation is often to jump in and achieve inbox zero and other forms of desk/task-clearing. Often, these can and should wait until you get moving in other, more important areas.



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