There are several practical applications of the principle of lifnei iver to kiruv situations. May someone be invited for a Shabbos meal when he will inevitably drive there? May one make a shidduch for a couple who will not keep the laws of family purity? May one invite a co-ed group

to a sleepaway weekend that will probably bring about forbidden intimate contact? May one organize a mixed dance to prevent Jews from going to a similar dance that would cause intermingling with non-Jews, and perhaps contain more inter-gender improprieties overall? May one give someone something to drink or eat if he is not going to say a berachah? In Chapter X,

we will also deal with the related issue of teaching Torah to a non-Jew.

Due to the complexity of this sugya, we will begin with a summary of the concepts, followed by a more detailed analysis of the mitzvah of lifnei iver. In subsequent chapters, we will then discuss some of the practical aspects of the prohibition of lifnei iver, including inviting those who will drive on Shabbos, making a shidduch between secular Jews, and giving someone to eat who will not make a berachah on the food.

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