Issues relating to male-female interactions dramatically affect outreach in so many ways. Among the questions we will explore are:

  • Can a man recite a blessing, make Kiddush, or teach Torah in front of a woman who is dressed inappropriately?
  • Can a man be present when his female Shabbos guest is singing?
  • What is permissible in terms of co-ed classes, seminars, and Israel trips?
  • Is one required to provide a female Shabbos guest with appropriate clothing if she shows up inappropriately dressed?
  • What are the laws of mixed seating at a Torah lecture or a Shabbos meal?
  • What are the laws of men hearing women sing when a mixed group sings at a Shabbaton?
  • What are the rules of yichud (inter-gender seclusion) when counseling a female, bearing in mind that the privacy requirements of counseling usually require a closed door.
  • Since kiruv is all about warmth and relationships, may a married man be warm and charming or joke around if doing so is considered necessary for kiruv.

It must be noted that this is an area particularly subject to sociological factors and hence the halachic ruling will surely differ from place to place and from situation to situation. The laws relating to the intermingling of the genders, as they appear in the Shulchan Aruch and classical sources, are quite stringent, and for good reason.

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