At NLE Resources, we field inquiries from rabbis, educators, and nonprofit professionals asking us all sorts of questions. One particular question that we have been asked on more than one occasion is, “I'm looking for a way to livestream my shiurim and events. I'm not a 'tech-geek' and I am looking for an easy and simple way to
While there are sites on the internet for one to turn to and read an inspiring thought or interesting story, there aren't as many that help both the scholar and layperson really "dig into" the world of Halacha. To that end, we featured a blogpost called: Halachipedia: A New Resource for Researching Halacha. This site is one that continues to grow and
I would like to introduce the readers of to Tefilla-Toons, an exciting new tefilla curriculum. Tefilla-Toons is a series of cartoon animations that teach each of the birchos hashachar and basic foundations of emunah, such as: how Hashem loves each and every one of us, our Torah learning is important to Hashem and many more.
Leadership is a quality we all look up to and admire. But how do you become a leader? What traits do you need to develop? Torah Live's new leadership course takes a fascinating look at the qualities of becoming a leader. For a limited time only, I am delighted to offer you this course absolutely free. Click here to watch it now.
Once every seven years, Am Yisrael is privileged to observe the mitzvah of shmittah. While we are honored to observe this mitzvah (and others that are contingent on Eretz Yisrael) its infrequency makes it hard to know the pertinent halachos. This is especially relevant at critical moments, like at the supermarket. The Shmittah App was designed to get you the answers you
NCSY is proud to announce a new staff learning program, open to anyone who is interested! Each week, there is an source sheet attached to guide your learning for the coming parsha. Each source sheet includes the following: List of key Rambans on the parsha, including a brief explanation of what issue the Ramban is discussing in
During the Holocaust, the Bielsky Brothers, Tuvia, Zus (Zush), Asael, and Aron Bielsky led a unique partisan brigade in the forests of Belorussia. Rather than focus on killing Nazis and Nazi collaborators like other partisan groups did, the Bielskys focused their energies on saving as many Jews as possible. Living hidden in the forests and... Read more »
For those who are planning to give classes about Shabbos between now and Parshas Noach in your community, we at Torah Live are giving FREE access to our entire training videos about Shabbos, with over two hours of high quality multimedia presentations and video clips! Our highly acclaimed material has been used by hundreds of prestigious
With the Northern Hemisphere’s school year just underway, we wanted to take this opportunity to inform our readership of rabbis and educators about a handy service called Remind. This site is free for teachers to use and helps you connect with students and stay in touch
In early 2013, we highlighted a new site called: Sefaria. You can read that original blogpost here. Since our post went live, we continue to get great feedback from our readership telling us how much they enjoy using the site. Recently, Sefaria announced that their database