Enjoy enchanting and informative links to hundreds of webinars, videos—and even video channels—that you can learn from or forward on to your student or congregant. Please note: links to videos can change. If they do, please google for the vide and you may find it on another site. TorahWeb Videos A slew of video shuirim... Read more »
An essential work for the newly observant on how to ease into a religious lifestyle and maintain good family relations. This practical halachic guide discusses real-life situations, such as dealing with parental requests that are contrary to Jewish law, attending family ceremonies in non-Orthodox settings, and how to solve kashruth dilemmas.
The Baal Teshuva process involves tremendous growth and change, as well as constant obstacles. Baalei Teshuva often wish there was a guidebook that would support them along their way as they grow and make decisions that may alienate them from their families, friends, and the way of life that they once had. The Baal Teshuva... Read more »
This book is filled with good question and better answers. Compiled by the leader of JEP, Rabbi Mordechai Katz, it contains the best teaching of Rabbi Katz and his colleagues, filtered though the wisdom of their spiritual leaders and relived by the reaction of tens of thousands of young people over many years. Best of... Read more »
The Aryeh Kaplan Reader is a collection of his essays reflecting the broad range of his interest and genius. From biography to Kabbalah, from contemporary movements to cosmic speculation, Aryeh Kaplan was at home. His writing is original and incisive. But most of all, it is always clear and to the point. Every appetite for... Read more »
In this volume published by the OU and NCSY, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan asks hard questions about Judaism and its commandments, and he gives compelling answers that have broadened the horizons of countless people. Includes: If you Were G-d, The Infinite Light: A Book About G-d, The Real Messiah? Maimonides Principles: The Fundamentals of Jewish Faith.
An easy-to-understand introduction to Judaism’s most sacred text The foundation of Hebrew and Jewish religion, thought, law, and society is the Torah-the parchment scroll containing the text of the Five Books of Moses that is located in every synagogue. This accessible guide explains the Torah in clear language.  The Torah For Dummies explains the history... Read more »
Have you ever asked, “What does God really want from me?” In What the Angel Taught You; Seven Keys to Life Fulfillment,” two world-renowned educators collaborate to ask and answer some of the most compelling questions we all seem to have such as: What does God really want from me? What is the highest class... Read more »