In today’s digital age, it seems that every day there’s another great app or social platform that offers some value to brands. Digital is here to stay, as is mobile. Every brand, big or small, needs to accept the new reality. Engaging people needs to be optimized for mobile. The latest trend in the wave of mobile is live video broadcasting, or live streaming. The two main competitors are
Over the past seventy years, the Jewish nation has seen a truly remarkable development -- the multitudes of Jews returning to their roots. Our leaders and rabbanim work tirelessly to teach these Baalei Teshuva and to guide them on their journey. I have been zoche to be raised in a home which has been a crucial stop on the
About a year ago, I became interested in the relatively new technology of 3D printing. Over the next few months, I did a lot of research and decided to give it a try. What was once a mere interest has developed into a tool for education, Kiruv, and a small part-time business. The purpose of this article is to share some of the information I have
I don’t know about you, but until recently, I wasn’t exactly looking forward to Elul and the Yamim Noraim. Let's admit it; considering our shortcomings and tallying up everything we have done wrong for the past 12 months is not exactly fun. I have a feeling I am not alone in this (and certainly many of the people you are trying to mekarev might share this
Quite often I am the ‘go to’ person with regard to whatever someone may need in Israel. As I have three married children living there and my father was a sixth generation Yerushalmi, I have hundreds if not thousands of relatives in almost every corner of the land. I was therefore not surprised when Dovid contacted me for my input. Dovid, who is just turning 20, is a good-natured
In a very symbolic location, Givat haTachmoshet, Ammunition Hill, site of one of the fiercest battles of the Six Day War in 1967, outreach rabbis and rebbetzins gathered July 8-9 for a historic occasion (there was even an iPhone app made for this event). They were there to launch a new organization, Olami. Ten years ago a worldwide campus and young professional effort to reconnect Jews to their
There are a number of shuls across America that both focus on and excel at outreach. However, in light of the Pew numbers and the terrible disappearance of our fellow Jews through intermarriage and assimilation, National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) has decided that they have a tremendous amount to offer shuls when it comes to setting up a successful outreach program. To that end, NCYI has has hired Rabbi Yakov Couzens
I can recall the cab ride many years ago. As I entered the cab in Yerushalayim almost a score of years ago, I was more than a little nervous. With all of the rhetoric and rancor about rabbis and Chareidim being tossed around in the media at that point in time, I was concerned that with my obvious Chareidi-rabbinic appearance that perhaps my secular-looking cab-driver would be less than appreciative of me. Therefore, when I entered the cab I
As I write these words it would be very easy for me to join the club. Which club is that? The club which is enraptured and captivated by the excitement of Lag B’Omer as hundreds of thousands of frum Jews from all segments of Jewry are seemingly sharing a rare moment of unified celebration. The estimates are that over half a million people will celebrate in Meron at the tomb of Rav Shimon Ben Yochai.