As a non-profit executive, you are charged with many responsibilities. Nowadays, this also includes monitoring the online image of your organization. And so, we recommend that you occasionally search Google and make a note (or bookmark of) where the name  of your organization and its faculty show up on web sites.

If you find something that you object to or would want to remove because it can harm your institution or a rabbi who teaches for you, the quickest way to take care of this matter is to contact the source directly. Email the web site hosting the content and politely ask them to remove it (or at least remove the name of your organization).

If this doesn’t work, there is still another alternative!

You can appeal to the search engines directly to remove the edited pages right away. You can do so through GoogleGoogle Images, or Bing by filling out a simple form and requesting the URL to be indexed again. This doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot. You’ll have a better chance if someone is publishing libelous content about you or if a page is displaying confidential information about you.

If you cannot get everything off of your Google search results, you might also consider burying personal data as far as possible. For more on this topic, read this post here.

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