A new study from Charity Dynamics and NTEN – the Nonprofit Donor Engagement Benchmark Study finds that a majority of donors (65%) reported supporting their top charity because they believe in the organization’s cause. Connected donors also do more for their top charity, with 54% saying they would be willing to talk to friends and family about the organization.

Based on the above, you should ask yourself, “What can I do to connect my donors with our cause so that they aren’t just connected, but feel like they are a personal friend of my non-profit?” Ask yourself, “Will my donors discuss my organization and ‘go to bat’ for it when it comes to fundraising?”

If the answer is “no,” take five minutes and think of ways that you can better relate to donors. After all the bottom line today is: you must work on establishing emotional connections with your donors.

For more on this topic read this article.

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