A recent graduate of one of Ner LeElef’s many training programs contacted NLEResources.com looking for a way to receive online donations. But, here’s the catch—his new organization doesn’t have a website yet! Below, you will find a roundup of new startups and some well-known options that you can use to accept donations with and without a website. Hatzlacha!

1) Click and Pledge: This site is easy to use and thorough. Once you have signed up, you’ll be able to send people a link to give to your cause. No website of your own is needed. Plus, if you do have a website, the donation form can be integrated somewhat with the branding of your organization.  The tool also has strong international support.  The charge a $5 monthly fee, plus 4.5% and $0.35 of each donation.

2) Network for Good Basic Donate Now: Network for Good is a low-cost site. It is a completely un-customizable tool. Still, it does the job to allow you to begin to receive donations online—and they only charge is a 4.75% transaction fee. An alternative to this site would be to check out JustGive.org.

3) PayPal DonationsSet up a Paypal account and you should be good to go. All you would need to do is send people the link to your account. The downside is that there’s no way to customize the look of or the fields on a donation form. That said, while donors used to have to create a PayPal account to donate, that’s no longer true—they can simply use a credit card as a donor most typically would expect.

4) Google Checkout: Guess what? Google offers their Google Checkout service at a great price to nonprofits they’ve approved for a Google Grant. You can read more about their credit card transaction fees here. The negative side to using this service is that a donor needs to have a Google Account, and to associate a credit card with their Google Account, before they can get on with actually making a donation.

5) Amazon Payments: Donors need to sign in to Amazon and set up their credit card before they can fill out the donation form. Their transaction fee is set at the great price of: 1.9% +$0.30 per transaction. So it’s a great and very inexpensive to try.

6) Paylane: This site is a new service that offers transparency to everyone that they service. Their pricing is affordable. You can read all about what they offer here. Customer service is free!

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