At NLE Resources, we know that rabbis and Jewish educators are always looking for great sites that will help them research a topic or print out prepared source-sheets. After all, we know that you can find yourself in a position in which you want to give a class about a particular topic but are unsure how you can put together the source material—let alone how you will prepare it within the short time you have available?

One such helpful site, is that of The Jerusalem Kollel, an affiliate program of NLE. The Jerusalem Kollel is led by HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits, whose advice is sought by countless rabbis and educators from around the world. While The Jerusalem Kollel does have a private site that offers free access to resources and shiurim exclusively for its graduates, there is also an Online Classes section that offers the general public beautifully laid out source-sheets and audio recordings of shiurim from Rav Berkovits. Best of all, downloading of all materials is free of charge and does not even require registering with a user-name and password.

The source-sheets and audio shiurim cover such areas as: Klalei Horaah, Bein Adam LaChaveiro, Tefillah, Chagim, Issur V’Heter, Niddah, and many other relevant topics.

We believe that this is a website that any rabbi and Jewish educator would find handy and want to bookmark. We are certain that the Online Classes will help you in your personal study—as well as with your classes to students and congregants.



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