Everyone on your team, from the rabbinic fellows, office manager, and executive director—all appreciate and realize that it’s important to have printed flyers, newsletters, shul bulletins, and source-sheets. Still, when it comes to printing the above items, much needs to be considered before pressing “print.” After all, printing costs can quickly spiral out of control and derail the annual office budget of any nonprofit.

However, a newly released product, aims to reduce the environmental impact of printing and save nonprofits and businesses money!

To most people, Adobe is synonymous with the word PDF. However, Adobe aims to change this notion with the recent launch of LeanPrint, a service that easily cuts the amount of ink users use, by reformatting printed documents on the fly. In fact, PC Magazine reports that this new service can cut ink usage by as much as 40%.


How Does LeanPrint Work?

LeanPrint offers two simple printing modes. The first mode, is called Super Saver, and saves both paper and toner. The second mode, Toner Saver, automatically transforms your document into a more compact multi-column layout (similar to a newspaper) while always maintaining readability.

Adobe LeanPrint is available for Microsoft Windows and works with Microsoft Office applications and all popular printers and browsers including Chrome and IE. Plus, when it comes to printing web pages, LeanPrint automatically removes backgrounds images, advertisements, sidebars and footers – before sending the web page to the printer.

A single user license of Adobe LeanPrint is available for $20. You can also download a free trial version of the LeanPrint software from Adobe.com that will be valid for 30 days, and let you see how it can reduce costs and allow your institution to not think twice when needing to print large items, without running to a print-shop or breaking the budget.

To learn more about Adobe LeanPrint, you can watch the short video that appears below.

Happy Printing!



If you are looking for more ways to reduce printing costs, see this link that has many great ideas that will work on a variety of printers.

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