Last week, we featured a post entitled, A Checklist of 8 Simple Tips for a Better Website for Any Jewish Institution. In this post, we will highlight a list of five final elements that your website can put into action right now:

1) Pictures: Does your site feature pictures of your congregants, of your shul and/or campus, of past events, programs, the annual Purim party and more? If not, we encourage you to add these pictures. You don’t need to hire a professional photographer. Instead, we suggest that you turn to your members and students and have them join your online community by emailing you pictures that they may have so that you can enhance the website.

2) Membership: Prospective members are going to be looking at your website, so in addition to everything else, make it easy to find information about how to join the synagogue.

3) Rabbi’s blog: There is a growing trend to have a section like this on Jewish websites. See here and here for examples.  Rabbis produce Torah content easily. As executive director, it should be easy to get a paragaph or two of content that you could use on a daily or weekly basis, to make your website come across as relevant and fresh.

4) Donations: Every non-profit is always looking for donations. There should be a bold call-to-action button to make a donation on your website. We’ve previosly written about the various free and premium methods that you can use to process credit card donations in a post entitled, 6 Ways You Can Accept Online Donations With and Without a Website!

5) Social media: Does your institution have a Facebook page? Twitter feed? YouTube videos? If you are the type of organization that has these accounts, there  are many ways to integrate those within your website, so that people will know where to find you outside of simply your own website.



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