Thousands of Jews study Gemara on a daily basis, but we all know that without chazara, it’s very hard to retain what we learn. And, when it comes to reviewing the Gemara, chazara can be a daunting task to the scholar, layperson and newcomer.


This site is home to the, “Talmudo Biyado Gemara Summary Cards”. The cards offer a simple and excellent way to make chazara within reach for any busy person.

Each card is a synopsis of an amud, in a question and answer format. On one side of the card is no more than four questions.

The other side of the card has the answer to each question in a very clear and concise manner. For an example of how each card appears, please see below:


Sized at 3×5 inches to fit in the pocket of any student or congregant, and designed to be easily used in the free minutes scattered throughout the day, we recommend that you pass this site on to others or even use it to help your own retention of the Gemara you are learning.







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