At NLE Resources, we keep our eye on the news to bring you timely articles and links that we think a rabbi or Jewish educator would find interesting! We have decided to share some of these links in a weekly feature on the blog.




1) This week marks one year since Facebook bought WhatsApp for $19 billion

2) Trello, the collaborative task management software, has topped 7 million users

3) Is Israel the Problem, or Are Jews the Problem? | Truth Revolt

4) Smart Thermometer Wishbone Makes Taking Your Baby’s Temperature Easier 

5) 5 happiness practices to increase levels of joy

6) Negotiating a salary isn’t always as complicated as it appears

7) A handy “what to do, and when” guide for planning your next leadership summit

8) How to stop people in the street and get them to take part in user resarch 

9) Substituting “you” for “I” when you talk to yourself can have powerful effects

10) “A picture’s worth a thousand words, and a trend in social media is proving it.”, see here

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