Thanks to a generous grant from Cross River Bank, we are thrilled to offer Jewish schools up to ten free copies of our Bright Beginnings Chumash Workbook Volume One, to give students who are struggling with their Chumash learning.

In an effort to keep things simple, all the school principal needs to do is to send a brief email to with his/her contact information, including cell #, an address to mail the books to, and the number of books requested up to ten books. The only condition of this gracious grant is that all the books, save one for the principal’s office,[yc1]  be given free of charge (list price of the book is $18) to the parents of children who are finding Chumash learning difficult, or as a pre-learning tool over the summer for children with learning issues. We respectfully ask that only school heads or principals of lower grades in larger schools contact us.

We also encourage schools who translate Chumash into both Yiddish and English, and those who translate only into Yiddish but whose students “think in English,” to consider participating in this offer as well. Recently, several such schools began seriously thinking about incorporating our Chumash Workbooks into their program (for their mainstream students)  either for classroom use or as a supplemental learning tool for children learning with their parents at home as it will help children acquire critical skills in the language they are most comfortable with.



For now, our grant allows us to send books to 100 schools on a first-come-first-served basis, so we encourage you to send your emails as soon as you can. Should there be more than 100 schools requesting books, we will try to secure funding for those additional schools as well, but at this point we cannot guarantee that this will happen. (If you would like to sponsor the dissemination of books to additional schools should there be such a need, kindly drop us an email at

Please be advised that while the offer stands for Jewish schools worldwide, we simply are not equipped to ship them overseas. With that in mind, we encourage schools outside the USA to participate, but we respectfully ask that you provide us with a mailing address in the USA where we can ship the books and you take over from there. Thank you kindly for your understanding.

For those who are not familiar with our Bright Beginnings Chumash Workbooks, kindly click here for the Bright Beginnings home page. There you will find a 10-minute videoan 11-page sample of the original workbook, and links to articles extolling the importance of teaching children Hebrew language skills as soon as (or even before) they begin Chumash learning.

We recently released the Chumash Workbook in eBook format where the worksheets are interactive and which contains digital matching and flashcard games. Click here to get a free sample and/or to download the eBook to your iPad.

As the director of Project YES for the past 19 years, I have fielded countless phone calls from broken-hearted parents whose frustrated children never “got” Chumash. I have tried to convey the pain of kids who never acquired Hebrew language skills in these following articles: It Doesn’t Start in Tenth Grade,Training Wheels, and Exit Interviews. We created the workbook series to help children avoid this heartache by acquiring the skills to succeed and thrive in Chumash and in all their Limudim.

If you are a school head, we encourage you to please take advantage of this offer by emailing us at If you are an interested parent, kindly forward this email to your school head.

We are deeply grateful to Cross River Bank’s management for its vision and generosity. Cross River Bank was the corporate sponsor of the Chumash book when we first released it several years ago and we are honored by their interest in, and commitment to, Jewish education. CRB is a full service New Jersey State Chartered FDIC-insured bank. CRB has developed strategic partnerships with financial technology leaders to build fully compliant and integrated solutions for the marketplace lending and payment processing arenas. As disintermediation and financial independence increasingly fuel the new economy, CRB is uniquely positioned to service both the established giants and the growing list of new entrants into these sectors. More information is available at

Cross River Bank also offers many products and services to commercial clients such as loans to small business up to $10 million. For more information, contact David Tilis at


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