In the past, we have written all about infographics (see here and here for example) and have even amassed a large collection of Jewish infographics (here and here)!

Thankfully, we recently received word that — in time for the High Holidays — NCSY created a Yom Kippur infographic for their NCSY Staff Education website. As with their other infographics, it’s really fantastic and addresses Hashem’s 13 Middos of Rachamim, which are especially important for Selichos and Yom Kippur.

This infographic has been used very successfully to lead workshops with teens and adults, to spark discussions about how we can emulate God by developing qualities of becoming more altruistic, patient, and merciful.

You can now download the infographic for free here  (as a PDF as well) and share it with congregants and students so that they can print out this sheet and use it to better understand and appreciate Yom Kippur and our relationship with the Almighty!

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