It used to be that you’d go to class, drag a bunch of heavy books to and fro’, and study at a library for hours on end. If you were falling behind, you sort of were stuck there. Today, all of that has changed. Online tools can help you study, read, collaborate, learn, and even take quizzes. Here are some great ways ed-tech tools can enhance the education process.


  1. Better Presentations

If you’re in school, you have to create presentations on a pretty regular basis. Without some tools to assist you, these can be time-consuming. Thankfully, there are some awesome ed-tech tools that can help you create stunning presentations with easy drag-and-drop software.

  1. E-books

Even if you got o a brick and mortar school, you can benefit from e-books. E-books make studying easier because you don’t have to drag a heavy bag of books to the library. Perhaps the biggest benefit is the cost savings. E-books cost up to 60% less than physical textbooks.

  1. More Collaboration

Collaborating with your fellow classmates is a great way to enhance your learning and practice concepts. You can get feedback from instructors and learn new ways to approach the material by working with your classmates. Shy students might be more likely to engage in the discussion or volunteer questions or answers.

  1. Faster Feedback

The days of teachers taking home stacks of papers to grade with red ink are over, or at least they can be for teachers who choose to take advantage of the great grading tools available today. Not only is grading easier with ed-tech tools, but you can offer more in-depth feedback, which is more valuable to students.

  1. Ability to Model Concepts

If you have access to a science lab, you might be able to demonstrate how chemicals react. But if you’re taking online courses, or you’re learning a topic like evolution or genetics, it’s difficult to really grasp those concepts. Ed-tech tools can take on deep topics and model them without the risk of, say, accidentally blowing up the chemistry lab.

  1. Better Study Skills

Studying is obviously important. If you don’t study, you won’t succeed. It’s pretty simple. But it can be hard to know what and how to study, and it can be time-consuming to make all those flashcards. Luckily, ed-tech tools let you easily study online.

  1. Independent Study

Want to learn a language? Interested in mastering the art of crochet? There’s almost no limit to the amount of self-study you can accomplish online and with ed-tech tools. You can take online college courses for very low fees. Some online courses are even free!

10 Ed-Tech Tools For Educators

Ted-Ed: From the creators of Ted: Ideas worth sharing, Ted-Ed provides videos for teachers and educators on a wide variety of intellectual topics.

Socrative: Get real time feedback from your students and learn how to tailor your educational methods to each student.

Print Friendly: A great way to clean up a webpage to make it totally printer friendly. Save trees and make studying easier for your students.

Edmodo: Edmodo offers a safe, easy way for teachers, students, and parents to keep in contact and work toward the student’s success.

Quizlet: Encourage students to study with Quizlet. Students can make their own flashcards or use existing cards.

Open Study: Open Study makes the world your study group. Interact with people all over the world to improve your study abilities.

Quora: Quora is a platform where people ask and answer questions (of all sorts). But it can also be a great way to encourage your students to get engaged after class.

Khan Academy: Khan is a great way to get your students excited about learning. They can take classes for free on almost anything.

Carrot Sticks: Get kids excited about math with fun, interactive games.

Canva: Canva is helpful because it lets students create beautiful slideshows and presentations.

Just remember that everyone is different. What works great for a friend might be boring or confusing to you, and vice versa. Try them all, and see which ones work best for you. There are so many tools out there with such varying uses that you’re bound to find the one that makes your learning “click.”


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