I am happy to share below a range of videos on leadership that can assist in developing and strengthening personal and professional leadership skills:


1) Making SMART New Year’s Resolutions – For many, New Year’s resolutions come and go without any meaningful change. Setting goals that are action-oriented and commit you to measurable outcomes can make all the difference between success and failure.

2) What is Leadership? – Leadership, as complex as it may seem, can be boiled down to a few core essentials. This video reviews those elements and shares practical ways that we can make a difference for ourselves and those around us.

3) Leadership is not about the Title – We can all be leaders, regardless of our title. Leadership is about influence, not prominence. What do you do that makes a difference and lets you lead by example?

4) 5 Tips on How to Resolve Workplace Conflict – Conflict resolution is a big deal for organizations. Conflict takes up managers’ time and energy and contributes to less production and more stress and happiness. These strategies can help us reduce conflict and take more ownership of problems.

5) Building Trust is as Easy as ABCD – Trust is critical in any relationship. The ABCD Trust Model developed by the Blanchard companies gives us insight in how to build it.

6) Keeping a Premium on the Learning – It’s so important for every professional to keep learning while also realizing the treasure and capacity the lies within each of us.



Rabbi Naphtali Hoff, PsyD, is President of Impactful Coaching and Consulting. He can be reached at 212.470.6129 or at nhoff@impactfulcoaching.com.  


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