Once upon a time there was a prince who was living with his family in a beautiful palace. Unfortunately, after a while, the prince and his extended family began to fight amongst themselves. They called each other names and attempted to discredit each other and eventually there was baseless hatred between them. The owner of the palace, who was allowing the prince and his family to inhabit it, finally could not stand the petty and baseless hatred and exiled the prince and his family from the palace.

For almost two thousand years the prince and his family roamed the face of the Earth. Some descendants settled in Europe, others in the Arabian Peninsula, others in North Africa and still others in America and Australia.

One day a strange thing occurred.

A proud descendant of the prince although this descendent was not particularly observant of all of the customs and practices of the prince decided to start a movement to return to the palace.

He traveled all over the world and convinced many people, both descendants of the prince and even world leaders who had no relation to the prince to help facilitate the return of the prince’s descendants to the original palace.

Surprisingly, this descendant, despite the fact that ostensibly he was not the most loyal follower of the prince’s practices, was highly successful in organizing many other descendants to follow him and support his cause. Amazingly and very unexpectedly, the descendant was prophetically correct and less than fifty years after he launched his movement to return the descendants to the palace a new ‘kingdom’ was established.

Even more amazingly strange was the fact that although the leaders of the movement to return the prince’s descendants to the palace were not strict adherents to the prince’s practices, those descendants who were meticulously loyal and strict in observing the prince’s practices were the greatest beneficiaries of the return to the palace.

Indeed, the new ‘kingdom’ established by the descendants (although as mentioned most of those original leaders were not loyal practitioners of the prince’s traditions), financially supported those who wanted to follow the prince’s traditions to the letter and even granted them key positions in the new kingdom.

Eventually, the descendants of the prince who were truly loyal to the prince’s traditions established large and successful communities and neighborhoods. Their population increased multi-fold and many of them were able to spend their entire days in peace and tranquility studying the traditions of the prince from books written over the last two thousand years. They were even exempted from having to serve in the new kingdom’s army and were allowed to close off their neighborhoods on their days of rest and enjoy the physical and spiritual benefits which the new kingdom afforded them.

They are now the fastest growing group in the new kingdom with a high birth rate and there are now more descendants of the prince engaged in full-time study of the prince’s traditions than during the past two thousand years.

As we write these words, the descendants of the prince who live in the palace now comprise the single largest concentration of the prince’s descendants anywhere in the world and in a matter of just a few years they will constitute the majority of all of the prince’s descendants in the entire world.

The return to the palace has apparently been very, very successful beyond the dreams of even the most optimistic of the prince’s descendants.

Nowadays, in sharp contrast to any other time in the last two thousand years, any descendant of the prince from anywhere in the world can return to the palace and live according to the original palace traditions in peace and solace.

They will be entitled to full rights and financial support and can study the prince’s traditions from the greatest scholars on the face of the Earth.

Isn’t this a nice story?


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