Once upon a time there was a prince who was living with his family in a beautiful palace. Unfortunately, after a while, the prince and his extended family began to fight amongst themselves. They called each other names and attempted to discredit each other and eventually there was baseless hatred between them. The
When it comes to learning about Jewish history, there are many wonderful books and websites out there to help you with your own study and to refer to students and congregants. However, as a rabbi or educator, it is hard to find time to extensively prepare for classes or learn about unknown but important figures from our past. Enter Dr. Hillel (Henry) Abramson.
At OlamiResources.com we want to provide you with a list of resources to help the rabbi or educator when it comes to teaching and educating the next generation about the tragic events of the Holocaust. We must not forget. NLE Morasha Syllabus Classes on the Holocaust The Holocaust & Jewish Faith I – Where Was... Read more »
A History of the Holocaust and the Response by the World; Reasons for the Holocaust and the Appropriate Jewish Response; How the World was Changed by the Holocaust.       Download Holocaust book 1   Download Holocaust book 2
In the first NLE Morasha Syllabus shiur on the Holocaust, we developed a rudimentary understanding of the horrors of the Holocaust and its irrevocable impact on the Jewish people. We will now turn our attention to some of the glimmers of hope that appeared during those dark days. It is important to dispel the myth... Read more »