Teaching Gemara is something that can be incredibly rewarding. After all, learning Gemara with children and newcomers to Judaism is a vital step to help empower them to become active participants in the Mesorah. That said, it can be very challenging to teach Gemara and simple things such as finding the place or how to translate words can frustrate both young and old alike.

Thankfully, ahead of the upcoming school year, Rabbi Yosef Wolf, a fifth grade rebbe at United Lubavitch Yeshiva (located in Brooklyn, New York) has put together an hour-long instructional video explaining how to teach Gemara in a friendly step-by-step fashion.

If you would like to use it to brush up on your teaching skills or to learn from him you can see a free copy of the entire video by contacting Rabbi Wolf at: yosefwolf770@gmail.com.

Below, you can click on two short clips from the video.

If you are looking for some great sugiyas to learn with your students see our recent blogpost entitled: 4 Engaging Introductory Gemara Sugiyas to Teach in Outreach. Also, don’t forget about our free NLE Thinking Gemara Series that is available to view and download here.



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