On most holidays in the Jewish calendar, it’s clear what we’re celebrating. Pesach – we’re celebrating the Jews going free from Egypt. Purim – we’re celebrating the Jews being saved from a holocaust. In Chanukah, what exactly are we celebrating?

In this series, Rabbi David Fohrman discusses a hidden text that may shed some light on the meaning of Chanukah and the menorah, what exactly Chanukah is celebrating, and what we commemorate through lighting the Chanukah candles. Rabbi Fohrman offers suggestions for questions to explore the holiday such as:

  • How does Chanukah drive away the dark?
  • How do the Chanukah lights connect us to G-d?
  • What is the significance of the miracle of the oil?
  • What do we really celebrate through Chanukah?

Our team also published a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide to assist you when sharing the material. It includes prompts, workshops, and different activities for students. Check it out!





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Chanukah Someach!

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