A new round of Middos Challenges for Schools is starting now for the month of Cheshvan! Give your students the opportunity to participate in a worldwide program and earn the chance to win a prize! Here’s how it works:


  1. Choose which middah you would like your students to work on, and decide what will be their “Challenge of the Month.” (For example, if you’re focusing on the middah of chessed, the challenge of the month might be, “Every day, do a hidden act of kindness that nobody else knows about.”)

Examples of middos you can work on include anger, ayin tova, hakaras hatov, humility, shmiras halashon, simcha and more.

  1. Discuss the middah with your students and have them come up with examples for how they can accomplish the challenge in their daily life.
  2. For every day that your students complete the challenge, they will cross off the day on a special printable card provided by Middos Challenges.
  3. At the end of the month, all students who have crossed off at least 5 dayswill be entered into a rafflefor the chance to win a prize!

This program is open to students of all ages and can also be used in camps or youth groups.

To join with your class or youth group, you can sign-up here. The contest for the month of Cheshvan begins October 7, 2018, so join and print out your class’s contest card right away!


For more information, visit this website or email MiddosChallenges@gmail.com


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