Updated May 10, 2021

Days after the Meron Tragedy, many people have questions and are searching for religious responses to the seemingly unreal events that unfolded on Lag B’Omer. The following are a collection of thoughtful and insightful resources devoted to exploring religious responses to this tragic episode in Jewish history. We wish a speedy return to normalcy for all the families that were impacted. We will update this page as more articles and words of chizuk become available. Tehay zichram baruch.


The Tragedy in Meron by HaGaon Rabbi Yaakov Hillel

דברי חיזוק לאחר האסון הנורא בלג בעומר במירון by HaGaon Rabbi Dovid Yosef (Hebrew)

Divrei Chizuk on the Tragedy in Meron, by Rav Asher Weiss Shlit”a 

Meron Tragedy Sicha by Rabbi Nota Schiller

After the Tragedy of Meron 1 – Obligation of Penimius by Rabbi Reuven Leuchter

After the Tragedy of Meron 2 – Hisbonanus by Rabbi Reuven Leuchter

Meron Tragedy by Rabbi Reuven Leuchter

Meron Tragedy: Don’t Trample Others by Rabbi Yitzchak Breitowitz

Chizuk on the Meron Tragedy (Hebrew with English Translation) by Rabbi Gamliel Rabinowitz

Tragedy in Meron by Eitiel Goldwicht

Tragedy on Lag BaOmer – Why Meron is Important to Judaism and Why So Many People Were There –  by Judaism Unpacked

Simchas Lag B’Omer Amidst the Meron Tragedy by Rabbi Eytan Feiner

United in Pain: Coping with the Unspeakable Heartbreak in Meron by Rabbi Eytan Feiner

Chai Lifeline Chizuk on the Meron Tragedy by Rabbi Moshe Tuvia Lieff

Divrei Chizuk on the Meron Tragedy by Rabbi Yitzchok Sorotzkin

Where Was G-d in Meron? The Grief, the Silence, and the Unity by Rabbi YY Jacobson

Our Reaction to Tragedy (Given to Boys Who Saw It) by Rabbi Avi Wiesenfeld


Response to the Meiron Tragedy – Torah View of Tragedy – Part 1 by Rabbi Avishai David

Response to the Meiron Tragedy – Torah View of Tragedy – Part 2 by Rabbi Avishai David

The Meron Tragedy by Rabbi Kalman Rosenbaum

3 Thoughts on the Tragedy in Meron by Rabbi Yehoshua Grunstein with source sheets

Meiron Tragedy: Humbly Accepting the Judgement of Hakadosh Baruch Hu by Rabbi Shay Schachter


Meron: United in Grief by Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits

The Lag B’Omer Tragedy by Rabbi Avraham Edelstein

Understanding the Meron Tragedy: An In-Depth Class by Rabbi Aryeh Nivin

Letter of Chizuk Following the Meron Tragedy by HaGaon Rabbi Chaim Peretz Berman

Letter of Chizuk After the Meron Tragedy by HaRav Tzvi Sharlin

Unfathomable On Every Level by Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblum

Reacting to Trauma by Tzachi Rosman, Psy.D. 

All I Know is that I Don’t Know by Rabbi Dr. Naphtali Hoff

Meron: The Tragedy of Them – No, Us by Sara Yoheved Rigler

Our Collective Tragedy by Emuna Braverman


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