Who is Shawn Seipler? 

Until recently, Seipler was a businessman who spent over 100 days a year on the road. Hotels were truly his home-away-from-home. One day, it dawned upon Shawn that many hotels just toss away millions of bars of soap a year. Seipler did some back-of-the-napkin math and realized that millions of bars of perfectly salvageable soap were going to waste.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about that,” Seipler told The Hustle. “And I decided I had to do something about it.”

Armed with thousands of bars of soap, Seipler and a few friends set up a small “workshop” in a single-car garage in downtown Orlando. Today, Shawn leads Clean the World which partners with more than 8,000 hotels worldwide comprising roughly 1.4 million rooms. Every donated bin of soap is weighed so Clean the World can give hotels detailed impact reports chronicling things like:

  • The number of new bars contributed.
  • The total pounds of landfill waste diverted.
  • Carbon footprint reduction (in kg of CO2).
  • The number of refugees the soap directly impacted.
  • Water and energy use reduction.

Feel free to learn more about Shawn and the impact that he is making here

But that’s not the end of this article. 

Why are we having you read about Shawn Seipler? 

You see – it’s organizations like this that perform chesed throughout the Jewish world. It just takes one person to think about a bar of soap or how to better provide loving-kindness for the Jewish world. Look for the next idea like Clean the World: now it’s your turn to think of something big or small and impactful that will be a great chesed that will surely make a difference in our world.

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