Chris Brogan is an American author, journalist, marketing consultant, and speaker about social media marketing. He recently wrote about his encounter on the evening before the annual Consumer Electronic Show (CES). He tells of a woman by the name of Peggy, who said to him that he could not attend the famous CES conference wearing his $50 Skechers. Peggy told Chris to go to a specific shoe store and purchase a pair that cost at least $100.

Chris admitted that he previously never paid more than $50 for shoes. She said, “I know, and when you do, you’ll never pay less than $100 again.”

A Lesson from Peggy

Chris did what Peggy said. He readily admits that they a) cost a little over $100, b) felt amazing and c)  were the only article of clothing he’d ever received compliments on, and when I say this, it was nuts. He received LOTS of compliments.

The reason the shoes cost so much was that the leather was supple and the bed of the shoe was well made. Chris wore these shoes for years before they developed the first signs of wear. They were marvelous.

Value is Such an Important Concept to Master

Chris learned that there are many areas where a person should invest in better quality products and services. Some people value a good meal and will pay more. Others value a top-notch cellphone or MacBook. Think about where you and your organization spend. Think about where your constituents would appreciate a bit more being invested. It could for better food at your events. You may not think it’s needed. But…let’s be honest. It will make such an impact and transform the experience people have with your organization. It may mean you will have to spend less in other categories – and so be it. This is the time to move forward and (re)assess what you and your organization VALUE. 

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