We all know how powerful of a communication and management tool WhatsApp is for people around the globe – and in particular our Jewish world. In fact, if there is one social media platform that is used by all segments of our Jewish community it is…WhatsApp. To that end, it’s worth noting that there is a new update to WhatsApp that is certainly an important one to know of if you are in the nonprofit space. 

According to TechCrunch, WhatsApp is planning to launch a Communities feature utilizing the app’s end-to-end encryption. The new feature will allow all types of organizations to create a digital space for members to interact. But there are some big differences:

  1. Unlike Groups, Communities are invite-only and not searchable.
  2. While Groups are often made up of many strangers with a shared interest, Community members can see one another’s phone numbers, making for a more connected experience. The feature will also include admin and moderation tools to combat spam and misinformation.

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