A section from today’s newspaper: “… The arrival of the coronavirus has rapidly raised anxiety levels among New Yorkers, many of whom spend their days in close quarters in office and residential buildings, on crowded sidewalks and in packed subway cars.”

It was on Sunday afternoon February 24, when I saw him. We were both at the gate waiting for our flight from Denver to Newark. I hesitantly approached him and said, “Shalom Aleichem.” He replied, “Aleichem Shalom.” I asked him if was visiting

It was recently Veteran’s Day. I could not avoid seeing the advertisements for purchasing clothes, gadgets, toys, paper, pens…. In honor of Veteran’s Day. Some of these advertisements stressed that Veterans would receive additional saving as a sign of appreciation. I decided to find out more about

It was a warm and sunny January winter day in Los Angeles. The temperature topped 81 degrees and even the native “Angelinos” were surprised by the unusually balmy mid-winter weather. I was spending this sunny Shabbos in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood as I was honored by being a scholar in residence for Shabbos Parshas Vaeira at... Read more »