This past Shabbos, Parshas Shimini, an event occurred 166 years ago, which I am sure most of us never heard about. It was on the 24th of Nissan in the year 1854 on Parshas Shimini, that Sasha Mindel Hertzberg née Kluger passed away. Mrs. Sasha Mindel was not a great known Rebbetzen, nor was she a miracle worker. She was married for a short time and

How quickly a world can change. In less than a month, every aspect of our life has been altered. People avoid each other. No one leaves their home except for food and essentials. When we do leave, we scurry hurriedly outside with our faces masked, and our hands gloved. 

A section from today’s newspaper: “… The arrival of the coronavirus has rapidly raised anxiety levels among New Yorkers, many of whom spend their days in close quarters in office and residential buildings, on crowded sidewalks and in packed subway cars.”

It was on Sunday afternoon February 24, when I saw him. We were both at the gate waiting for our flight from Denver to Newark. I hesitantly approached him and said, “Shalom Aleichem.” He replied, “Aleichem Shalom.” I asked him if was visiting