In the Chareidi Jewish world, there are too few women “Gedolos” (larger than life individuals). The reason is obvious since a woman is generally in the background in accordance with the verse in Tehillim (45:14), “All honor [awaits] the King's daughter who is within.” Therefore, most great Jewish women are private individuals whose greatness is seen by very few outside the

When I awoke this morning at 4 AM I finally allowed myself the ‘luxury’ of doing that which I had ‘religiously' denied myself the entire evening, namely, to find out who won? I decided that until I awoke there was no reason to inquire as to how it was going since as Yogi Berra said, “It ain't over till it's over.” As the words
They call them “The Sandwich Generation.” They are a generation who do their best to take care of their aging parents and observe the mitzvah of kibud av v'eim (honoring one's parents) while caring and raising their precious kinderlach (children). One of the most difficult tasks for members of The Sandwich Generation is when