Unbeknownst to me my email ‘server’ (I really don’t know what my server does; I know in a restaurant he/she brings me my food perhaps on the computer ‘it’ brings me my mail?) was ‘down.’ Initially, since I wasn’t receiving any emails, I thought that everyone had figured out their issues on their own and I was no longer needed in this world.

However, after a day or two I realized that I still wasn’t getting any emails! Even those emails which tell me who is sick and who is well, if Route 3 is backed up or if the next drizzle will require me to purchase a gasoline operated generator or if I am needed to attend the unveiling of a formally unknown Jew –  these and other random-regulars were not getting through! I contacted the shul ‘tech-expert’ and he explained to me how the server and provider and incomer and outcomer were revised, refurnished, rebuilt, rebooted and rerouted. I solemnly nodded my head pretending to understand while in reality I could not understand one word of the talk.

Email Computer

Anyway, after changing my server and inserting new numbers and new letters… my email is back!
And guess what? When it came back to life and was resurrected after being revised, refurnished, rebuilt, rebooted and rerouted it released a flood of emails from the last six days! Suddenly I realized that timely questions from last week were not replied to and these people are probably not happy campers!
Therefore, I humbly ask of all of you during this month of forgiveness to forgive me for not responding promptly to your emails.

As the saying goes, “A man plans and Hashem laughs.” This is just another reminder to all of us in this age of digital dialing and immediate communication that He and HE alone still controls the world. Please be patient with me as I wade my way through the sea of 600 hundred emails…

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