The Tanach Resources page offers links to wonderful online websites, resources, tools, and videos to help you gain inspiration, prepare for a speech, or teach a Tanach class.

Base Hasefer
Base HaSefer is an analytic Torah search engine that begins with Tanach and Targum Onkelos

The Electronic Torah Warehouse with hundreds of links to help you have a vort on the Parsha from hundreds of perspectives!

What’s Bothering Rashi
Over ten years of weekly articles discussing what is the problem in the Torah’s text that Rashi responds to.

Tanakh Commentaries
Da’at website offers the Hebrew text of the Bible along with a wide selection of Hebrew commentaries

Shevilei HaTanach
An excellent tool for finding PDF texts of various commentators, including Rashi, Ramban, Sforno, Ibn Ezra, Rashbam, and more. What’s more, this website offers links to Midrashim and audio files of how these texts are read with trope (cantillation) according to various different traditions.

Septuagint Translation
Provides a very accurate translation into English of the first translation of Tanach into Greek.

Rashi Yomi
An interesting and systematic guide to understanding Rashi’s approach in his Torah commentary.

Scroll Scraper
This site presents a calendar menu of each weekly portion of the Torah in two versions like a Tikkun Korim, one with vowels, punctuation and trope (cantillation), and one without. The site also provides audio of the Torah reading.


Many Jewish organizations send “Video Vorts” on the Parsha. Check out  here for the always funny and wonderfully creative videos of Rabbi Avi Hoffman of The Jewish Renaissance Expereince. Below, is just one of many examples. Enjoy!

Here’s an example of The Torah Minute, produced by Rabbi Yitzi Weiner of The Community Kollel of Sharon. He uses Animoto and great background images to enhance the short yet uplifting video. Below is an example