Founded by Rabbi Hillel & Neima Novetsky and their children, Yonatan, Aviva, Ariella and Yehuda, is a one-stop Tanach study resource, providing the tools, techniques, and technology to make Tanach come alive in your home, at a Shabbos table, in your classroom or even in a drasha! It is a truly an incredible tool that makes... Read more »
The Tanach Resources page offers links to wonderful online websites, resources, tools, and videos to help you gain inspiration, prepare for a speech, or teach a Tanach class. eParsha The Electronic Torah Warehouse with hundreds of links to help you have a vort on the Parsha from hundreds of perspectives! What’s Bothering Rashi Over ten years... Read more »
Click here to access The Complete Jewish Bible in English compliments of Judaica Press. This link also allows you to access Rashi’s commentary.