In an earlier post, we featured a site called Founded by Rabbi Tzvi Daum, a graduate of Ner LeElef’s Maase Chiya program, this website is dedicated to providing online solutions and curricular content for Jewish Education. In this post, we want to introduce our readership of rabbis and educators to a great online
The Chumash is our most fundamental Jewish text. Unfortunately, for many Jews it remains a difficult text to read, learn, and enjoy. Rabbi Shlomo Skinner wrote, “How to Learn Chumash with Rashi” for adults who want to develop independent learning skills. The book guides the learner through a step-by-step method to learn any verse in Chumash. The... Read more »
The Tanach Resources page offers links to wonderful online websites, resources, tools, and videos to help you gain inspiration, prepare for a speech, or teach a Tanach class. eParsha The Electronic Torah Warehouse with hundreds of links to help you have a vort on the Parsha from hundreds of perspectives! What’s Bothering Rashi Over ten years... Read more »
Click here to access The Complete Jewish Bible in English compliments of Judaica Press. This link also allows you to access Rashi’s commentary.