As a rabbi or spiritual leader of your community, you are asked fundamental questions of faith by both the scholar and layperson. One question that people ask is, "Why should I care about observing all of the mitzvos?" How All Mitzvos Help Improve Our Middos & Come Close to Hashem, is a free eBook authored by Rabbi Yitzi Weiner, ‎the director of The Community Kollel of Sharon
If you publish a book, people will regard you as an expert. That will increase your marketability. It is also a good take-away for people who come to your talks and want to share your ideas. If you think you don’t have anything worthy of a book, you’re wrong. Everyone is an expert in something, is passionate about something. Writing a book will cement your own ideas, and benefit others
The Chumash is our most fundamental Jewish text. Unfortunately, for many Jews it remains a difficult text to read, learn, and enjoy. Rabbi Shlomo Skinner wrote, “How to Learn Chumash with Rashi” for adults who want to develop independent learning skills. The book guides the learner through a step-by-step method to learn any verse in Chumash. The... Read more »