As a rabbi or spiritual leader of your community, you are asked fundamental questions of faith by both the scholar and layperson. One question that people ask is, “Why should I care about observing all of the mitzvos?”

How All Mitzvos Help Improve Our Middos & Come Close to Hashem, is a free eBook authored by Rabbi Yitzi Weiner, ‎the director of The Community Kollel of Sharon Massachusetts. In this new publication, he shares answersto the above mentioned question and morethat have resonated with hundreds of his students and congregants.

The eBook briefly and systematically demonstrates how Judaismand all of the mitzvos of the Torahhelps one improve their middos and come close to Hashem. The work is based primarily on the approaches of Ramchal and Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch. Sources are cited throughout the eBook.

Plus, as an added benefit, Rabbi Weiner has provided NLE Resources with three charts that can also be downloaded for free!

The charts can be used in conjunction with the book and are also great as stand-alone infographics that can help a student or congregant clearly see how mitzvos help us get closer to Hashem.

The first chart, entitled “Goal of All Mitzvos,” serves as a a visual aid to help students and teachers further understand their relationship to all things related to mitzvah observance.

The second and third charts, entitled, “Torah Chart” and “Torah Chart With All Mitzvos,” show how all mitzvos lead towards the goal of making us similar and close to Hashem.

This free eBookand the charts provided by Rabbi Weinerare certain to come in handy. We recommend downloading the eBook and charts or bookmarking this page for future use.



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