Currently, those who learn or teach a Daf Yomi shiur are entrenched in studying Yevamos. This tractate discusses many intricate cases that involve cases of Yibum and Chalitza. Many find that the cases are best understood only after drawing charts and illustrations to visualize each case theGemara discusses.

And so, we are pleased to let our readership know about a free new release of charts &illustrations from Daf HaChaim. To access them, simply go to the “Download Resources” box (on the right hand side of most pages in Daf Hachaim) and click on either of the last two choices that are called: “Color PDFs” or “B&W PDFs.”

Next, print out any of the ones that you want to use. Keep in mind that B&W stands for black and white and saves ink and prints more quickly, while the color version looks great and will aid you and your students in understanding each case.


Daf Charts

We encourage you to use this new resource and share it with others. You will certainly see that it enhances your learning inside the Daf itself. It’s also a handy way to review the Daf while traveling or when you’re otherwise without a computing device. And, it’s indispensible for keeping up with Daf Yomi on Shabbos and Yom Tov.




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