When a rabbi is capable of writing essays and blog posts, he can reach out to a greater number of people, bringing his advice to a whole new level. The way you express your opinions is just as important as your ability to teach and guide your students and congregants. Thanks to specific online tools, you can boost your ability to write blog posts

A number of weeks ago, we featured a post called, How to Find and Use Free Images for Your Flyers, Websites, Blogs and More. Several people thanked us for sharing these resources as they are constantly looking for sites that offer high-quality free images that they can use to help advertise their events and programs. We have recently come across four other sites that can be of service to all rabbis and educators

When blogs were first introduced, many rabbis and educators in the Jewish world didn't run to embrace blogging. However, nowadays, there are a lot of Jewish personalities who have come to use their blog as a great vehicle on many fronts. If you still aren't convinced of this, check out our post entitled, 4 Compelling Reasons Why Every Rabbi and Educator Should Blog. And so, if you are a veteran to the