Ein Ma’avirin al HaMitzvot – You have only one day out of jail. When should you take it? What should you do? (Pesachim 64b)   Imagine a Jew imprisoned in a hostile country, but granted by the authorities one day a year out of jail to express his Jewish identity. Which day should he choose? And... Read more »
Jewish spirituality is the development and strengthening of an eternal relationship with God – the absolute One Source of transcendent meaning, values, truth and goodness in the universe. God created, sustains, and guides the universe to its destiny and established a framework for mankind to actualize their potential by using free will through Torah study... Read more »
This is the second Morasha class providing evidence that God gave the Torah to the entire Jewish nation at Mount Sinai. This class will discuss: relying on the descendants of original witnesses to an event; prophecy; mitzvot that demonstrate control of the world; the Torah’s honesty and self-critique; the miracle of Jewish Survival; and the... Read more »
Everyone has heard of the Ten Commandments. However, some people are surprised to find out that in Judaism there aren’t just ten, but actually 613 commandments! These 613 commandments branch out into all areas of daily life, and form an all-encompassing system of belief and behavior. One might get overwhelmed by the sheer number 613... Read more »
Exploring the mitzvah of tefillin offers us a chance to appreciate one of the most profound positive commandments in the Torah. Tefillin are called an אות (a sign) testifying to our mission as Jews and our eternal covenant with God. Tefillin serve to remind us of such fundamental concepts as God’s Unity, His Providence, reward... Read more »
To fully appreciate and participate in the festivities of Purim one needs to be familiar with the mitzvot of the day, and understand the deep meaning behind them. The mitzvot of Purim themselves reflect the central themes discussed in the first Morasha shiur on Purim: Purim Unmasked. With these added insights, Purim is revealed not... Read more »