Nowadays, more and more people use their mobile phone as their primary computer screen. In fact, because around 50 percent of the 74.6 million unique visitors to (the largest sports site in the U.S.) are on a mobile device, the site chose to design their new looking website first for small screens before it did so for large ones (see here). In light of the above, Kindrid is a new approach
With the Northern Hemisphere’s school year just underway, we wanted to take this opportunity to inform our readership of rabbis and educators about a handy service called Remind. This site is free for teachers to use and helps you connect with students and stay in touch
Is there a way for a rabbi to engage his congregants in an ongoing dialogue and conversation about spirituality? Texting is an ideal form of communication for the community rabbi. It’s short and sweet, it makes a rabbi supremely accessible, and it’s private. It also has the advantage of being more detached than a phone call – it’s much easier to shoot over a text to someone than it is to actually pick up the
Rabbis and educators are all looking for new ways to help their students learn and retain information in a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by mobile devices and wearable technology. After all, a majority of teens are now carrying around mobile devices (see here) and your typical mobile phone user checks their device at