Derech B’Yam HaTalmud is a new guided program to aid the teaching and learning of Gemara b’iyun. It is geared for community kollelim, outreach organizations and yeshivos to help them teach the Talmud and Meforshim in-depth. It is also intended for ba’alei batim and others looking for a serious b’iyun seder.

The materials are being prepared on several perakim throughout Shas. The initial program covers the first perek of Mesechtas Gittin.  

To see the sample on Gittin, click here.

The materials will be available in the near future both as a sefer and as individual PDFs, in a format which will include the tzuras hadaf of the Gemara covered in each section.

To sign up to the distribution list to receive further material from the first perek or future mesechtos, or to discuss how the program can be applied to particular audiences, email or contact Pesach Minkin at +1 (732) 261-3666 (Phone/WhatsApp).

Thank you very much,

Rabbi Yehuda Berinstein and Rabbi Michoel Gros, Mechabrim

Pesach Minkin, Project

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