I tend to run very far away from anything controversial, and I didn’t really feel the need to share my thoughts on the new Netflix show, My Unorthodox Life because come on…it’s pretty obvious when you look at me and see everything I stand for.

But, after reading so many of the beautiful posts my friends have shared, I was inspired. So many incredible women speaking up and sharing their perspectives, their fulfilling, multi-faceted, unique Orthodox lives. I eagerly read each one and felt a new appreciation and awe for the sisterhood I am part of. And I decided to share just a couple thoughts of my own.

As some of you may know, @holyland_productions is producing a documentary about my story. They’ve been following me since November 2019 and have captured so many different parts of my journey. They actually recently approached Netflix to see if they were interested, but surprise surprise…Netflix turned them down.

Here’s the interesting thing – if you look at my story and Julia’s, we actually share a lot in common. We grew up in similar communities and studied in Israel at the same seminary. Julia is a proud mother but passionate about pursuing her career. She is smart, high energy and a real people person, like me. In her former life, she was a charismatic educator and speaker. There were many young girls who looked up to her and she inspired many women in her community with her Torah classes. Julia only found her true calling (fashion) later on in life and has demonstrated that it’s never too late to go after your dreams. She’s intent on making a difference in her industry and has been called a “disrupter.” Most importantly, she says she embodies freedom and wants everyone to be able to express their individuality.

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Like Julia, I come from a warm, loving Orthodox community. I’m a proud mother of five, but I’ve been able to pursue a career that is rewarding and meaningful to me. I spent my early married years educating and inspiring Jewish college students and have always loved teaching the wisdom of Torah. I only discovered running at 26, and became a professional athlete at 30, and as I’ve often shared, “There is no age limit for chasing our dream.”

Netflix will probably never share my story because I’m not controversial or scandalous enough. Because I’m happy and proud of the life I live. But I’ve never been about media attention and that’s not what I’m after. I’ll keep showing up here and sharing my stories, my authentic voice as a deeply proud and committed Orthodox Jewish woman, mother, athlete and representative of Israel.

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