The year flew by and it's time to go back to your major donors to ask them to renew or increase their donation to your project. Aside from a pre-Pesach call, Rosh Hashanah gift and your twice-a-year email update, you have a feeling that there is something more that you should have been doing. Perhaps, some more relevant and personalized interactions, but you're
If your budget is less than $1M, then it’s likely that your fundraising department is you, and you alone. Your time is limited, you're juggling multiple responsibilities, and you always have to prioritize where to invest your time and efforts. So where should you put in effort to get the biggest financial gain? The end of the year brings a real and unique opportunity
Last week, NLE Resources posted the first half of a post (see here) from Avraham Lewis.  We thank him for sharing with us his fundraising insights, and present the second and final part here: What is the next step I need to take? Then, once you have clarified what you need to do for this donor, list... Read more »