It was on Sunday afternoon February 24, when I saw him. We were both at the gate waiting for our flight from Denver to Newark. I hesitantly approached him and said, “Shalom Aleichem.” He replied, “Aleichem Shalom.” I asked him if was visiting

It was recently Veteran’s Day. I could not avoid seeing the advertisements for purchasing clothes, gadgets, toys, paper, pens…. In honor of Veteran’s Day. Some of these advertisements stressed that Veterans would receive additional saving as a sign of appreciation. I decided to find out more about

It was a warm and sunny January winter day in Los Angeles. The temperature topped 81 degrees and even the native “Angelinos” were surprised by the unusually balmy mid-winter weather. I was spending this sunny Shabbos in the Pico-Robertson neighborhood as I was honored by being a scholar in residence for Shabbos Parshas Vaeira at... Read more »

As the plane landed in Cleveland, a tall man with a warm smile gave me a big Sholom Aleichem as he grabbed my suitcase. His name was Rabbi Ephraim Nisenbaum, co-founder of an amazing organization known as the Jewish Learning Connection, which was co-sponsoring, along with the Young Israel of Greater Cleveland Stone

As I look back at my childhood years, one individual remains etched in my memories from over half-a-century ago. That larger than life figure is unquestionably the Chofetz Chaim zt”l. Even as a young boy, I can recall hearing incredible anecdotes of this physically small man who was a