Although I’ve been frum for about six years now I often think about my path into Judaism. In many ways the baal teshuva journey defined me, as it did others. More often though, I wonder what the subtle difference is between my becoming and staying frum compared with my peers who went through similar experiences but either didn’t become frum or left the fold after. This joining, coming, going, growing,
For years, Rabbi Asher Weiss has been known for his weekly lectures that he gives in numerous places (you can find many of his recorded shiurim here) and his publications such as the acclaimed Minchas Asher series. Now, anybody involved in kiruv work can also bask in his thougths. We are all aware of the difficult and complex... Read more »
A giant has fallen and, like all of the great founders of the Baal Teshuva movement, he will never, can never, be replaced. Rabbi Meir Schuster was produced by his era, but he also shaped it. For over three decades, it was he who single-handedly filled many of the Baal Teshuva yeshivot. How does one sum up this man through whom hundreds began their