Google Plus Hangouts on Air or HOA's, are online videos that are broadcast live in HD to a Google+ page, your organization’s YouTube channel and website at the same time. Best of all, HOA's are recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel so that your subscribers can watch without any additional effort on your part. You can also convert your HOA into a podcast by following the steps found here. (Read our earlier post about rabbis and podcasts here.)
Recently, we received an email from an educator who said that he was, “looking for resources from which he could use sports to teach Jewish concepts.” As a rabbi or educator, you are always looking for ways to help your congregants or students better their behavior and conduct. It follows that the use of sports references... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of online dictionaries or smartphone apps. They will be of great resource to you and even more so to a student or congregant. Harkavy Yiddish Dictionary Jastrow Dictionary Yiddish Dictionary Online Yiddish Expressions Roshei Teivot iPhone Hebrew/English translator 
This page offers the Rabbi or Jewish Educator with links to better navigate around the blogosphere. Lookstein Blogroll A plethora of educational blogs recommended by The Lookstein Center. What a Rabbi Needs to Know About Blogs A review of a presentation originally given at an RCA Convention. This page contains direct links to the blogs... Read more »
This page offers links to a multitude of websites, online tools, interactive media, blogs, and more that will allow you and your student greater access to the Talmud Bavli and Yerushalmi. FREE NLE Thinking Gemara Series Classes Accountability for Accidental Damage Borrowing Without Asking Drinking on Purim How Many Candles Do We Light on Chanukah?... Read more »
In this book, aptly titled, Sources, the reader can access a multitude of sources for different topics such as: Torah, Gemara, Mitzvos, Holidays, Hashkafic principles, and much more!   Read on your eReader »        
Clear, concise and brief, this edition of The Mishnah is published by Israel Book Shop and offers the reader the Hebrew as well as a new integrated translation and commentary based on Rabbeinu Ovadia M’Bartenurah. Please click here to learn and read through Mishnayos.