It’s no secret that iPads have entered Jewish classrooms around North America (see iToshba: Using iPads to Teach Talmud and Thoughts on iPads in the Classroom). With so many educational apps on the App Store, there’s no limit to the learning possibilities at your fingertips. However, navigating around and finding apps that are appropriate for a Jewish educational setting — let alone ones that you can use or recommend to a parent/student — sometimes feels like finding a needle in a haystack! Below is our first roundup in in which we highlight links to some of our favorite Apple (IOS) Apps for learning Hebrew.

  • Alef-Bet Bullseye: Your student/congregant can easily review their Alef Bet by playing a game where they have to shoot a pencil at the correct letter.
  • Hebrew Touch and Write: “Hebrew Touch and Write” allows the user to practice both “cursive” written Hebrew as well as block-style printing using media such as shaving cream and jello.
  • Kids 1st Shape Puzzle: Kids (and yes, even adults!) love jigsaw and wood puzzles. Kids 1st Shape Puzzle will provide your kids or students hours of entertainment and fun learning Hebrew words. Place the pieces correctly on the puzzle to hear the word and sound – animal sounds, transportation sounds, letters, numbers, and more.
  • Hebrew Hang Man:  Enjoy this popular game in Hebrew. A great tool for quickly learning the language!


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