Learning a language is a large undertaking, no matter who you are. Many students feel like taking a class is enough, but in fact you really need to live the language in order to learn it. These days, you can actually use social media as a tool to immerse yourself in any language. If you're teaching your students Hebrew, it's a great
People are beginning to talk about NLE Resources, and all that it offers rabbis and educators around in the world.  In fact, we’ve been receiving requests, recommendations, and resources, and we just say, “keep ‘em coming!”.  We’re looking to create the most useful resource depot online. Just recently, Rahel Halabe, a teacher of modern and biblical... Read more »
This page offers great links that you can forward on to a student or congregant to help them learn or improve upon their Hebrew language, and by extension, better understand their Chumash or Siddur in Shul.   Websites and Resource Tools Dah Bear A project of Legacy Heritage Fund, Dah Bear is a language tool... Read more »