Rabbi Ezriel Munk of TorahLinks.org has started a new venture that will benefit a slew of Jewish organizations as well as rabbis and educators called “The Build a Jewish Library Foundation.”

The Build a Jewish Library Foundation aims to provide all sorts of organizations that are involved in Jewish outreach and education with the opportunity to purchase Jewish books and seforim at a very reasonable and discounted price.

To date, The Build a Jewish Library Foundation has established relationships with Feldheim, Artscroll, Israel Book Shop, Judaica Press and Targum Press so that all one needs to do is visit the website of these publishers, find books and seforim that you or your organization would like to order, and then email your items with your mailing address and phone number to The Build a Jewish Library Foundation.

Once The Build a Jewish Library Foundation is in receipt of your list of books and seforim, they will be able to offer you a discount of between 25% to 35% off the retail price! Plus, you only pay for the books after you receive the shipment. And, if you place a large order through the foundation, they can further assist you by setting up a payment plan. Best of all, all orders over $250.00 will receive free shipping.

If you or your organization are looking to enhance your library, Beit Midrash or personal collection of books and seforim, it’s certainly worth reaching out to The Build a Jewish Library Foundation. For more information, please click here. You can also reach Rabbi Munk directly by emailing emunk at torahlinks dot org or by calling him at 732-367-0600 extension 18.



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