Please read: Part 1—A Guide to Writing, Publishing & Distributing a Jewish Book. Can I Get Published? Here I’m going to give a short list of things that will help your chances, or at least give you some direction. Writing Talent — While every good publisher has a respectable team of editors, if the author’s writing... Read more »
As the CEO and chief editor of the recently launched book publishing company, Adir Press, I read with great interest Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin's recent article featured on about self-publishing. While our services at Adir Press do include self-publishing and e-book publishing, I wanted to primarily explain the benefits to regular publishing and why that may or may not be a
1.       Heart of Darkness – Joseph Conrad  Heart of Darkness is a novel about Belgium’s colonial rule in the Congo. The colonialist conquered with his sense of bringing civilization to the savages of Africa. But Conrad shows that much of this was merely an overlay of culture, lacking true moral depth. In some ways, the... Read more »