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To this end, NLEResources.com also fields a constant flow of important questions from readers seeking to improve their teaching, educational programming and non-profit management.

One question that frequently arises is: “I’m looking for a YouTube alternative. My congregants and students will not open a link if it’s from YouTube. Is there any other high-quality site that has no advertisements or links to other videos on the side? I’d love to use such a site to post our latest promotional video or weekly Dvar Torah video.”

There certainly are a number of sites that a small or large organization can use other than YouTube.  However, even Vimeo (a popular alternative to YouTube) is not appreciated by viewers sensitive to the presence of other featured videos.

Enter Streamable.

Streamable has recently become the de-facto site to post and share high-quality, short videos where there are no advertisements or links to other videos. Users posting on Streamable are not looking to be part of, or create a community united by a theme or interest. Its appeal is a clean landing page for individual videos and has become popular because of easy uploading, and the good overall video and sound quality. All you need to do is upload your latest video, send a link to your congregants and students and/or embed the video on your blog and website.

Let’s be clear: Streamable, is not a place that you can upload a long kumsitz. It allows for videos as large as 2GB and no more than ten-minutes long.

See here and here for examples of Streamable videos. To learn more about Streamable, click here.



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